Aimu Sora
Aimu Sora, of the I’m Sora Project, is a Japanese and English bilingual Virtual Youtuber. He hosts Sora's Senpai Club and enjoys singing, anime, games, and manga.

Aimu Sora, of the I’m Sora Project, is a Japanese/English bilingual Virtual Youtuber designed by famous illustrator and manga artist Utako Yukihiro. He debuted in June 2019 with a goal to share Japanese culture and entertainment to fans worldwide. In June 2020 he started hosting “Sora’s Senpai Club,” a global show where he invites popular Japanese voice actors and musical artists as “Senpai” to encourage viewers to follow their dreams! This is Aimu Sora’s 2nd year at Anime Expo. Also, he made his musical debut in November 2019 with pop song “Step by Step” and electro pop dance song “Around SORA,” both produced by Avex Entertainment Inc.

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