Jade Kim
Jade Kim is a science communicator, writer, and host, based in Los Angeles, CA. She is a devoted comic book collector and an avid anime fan, having appeared in various live-action productions as various characters, including Chun Li, Psylocke, and Jade from Mortal Kombat. She worked as a Museum Lecturer at the iconic astronomy museum Griffith Observatory for 7 years, where she also co-produced their nationally known monthly space news show All Space Considered. She was a host on YouTube channels TMRO, Nerdkore TV, and Indie Gaming Source, and has appeared on BBC, NASA TV, and Griffith Observatory TV. Jade has made frequent appearances on comedy channel All Def Digital, with recurring roles on Great Taste, You Trash Fam, and The Games that Made Us. She currently serves as the writer and Dungeon Master for Drunkies & Dragons, All Def’s version of the popular tabletop fantasy game, Dungeons & Dragons.
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